Scott Surridge Ltd supplied a modular creative LED video screen to be used as the main visual backdrop for a variety of tours both in the UK and across Europe.

Due to the huge variety of shows and venues being played along the way from clubs in Denmark to arenas in Germany and Edinburgh Castle in the UK we needed to provide a video screen that could be quickly and easily reconfigured to fit the space available whilst being light enough to fall within the roof weight loading limits of all venues including temporary outdoor structures. The screen also needed to be of a high enough image quality / resolution to ensure none of its visual impact was lost on smaller shows where the full size screen could not fit.

Upon consideration of all requirements the WV18 LED screen was chosen as this met the fine balance of image resolution, product weight, ease of reconfiguration whilst on tour and budget perfectly.

We provided ongoing support of this screen throughout Europe together with the supply of all technical video crew required on the tour.

For the bands huge one off show at the Black Isle Show Ground in Inverness in celebration of their 40th Anniversary in addition to the WV18 LED screen to be used on stage we also provided two 7m by 4m LED video screens to be used on either side of the stage for live camera relay to the audience.